The Hike F.A.Q.
And There's Been A Bunch O Questions!

Major mysteries and plot points revealed!

The Hike is a complicated story, and as film makers we may have left some plot points a little hard to figure out on purpose or sometimes, maybe by incompetence. Either way, if you are here... you care enough to get some of your questions answered, dammit. That is the Big N Funky guarantee!!!

Q: Where can I see "The Hike"?
A: We are mere days away from this damned thing being on a worldwide streaming service. We have worked hard on this movie, but we made a lot of mistakes technically getting it ready for mass release. It took awhile, but we got the kinks worked out. When we know, you will know ASAP. We are currently taking donations for our other movies with prizes for different levels. A $15 donation gets you the link to watch the movie online! Click here: Big N Funky Productions' Next Movie!

Q: Who is the weird guy at the end that was taking pictures and stripping Vinnie?
A: It's Justin, who was with the redhead Kirby at the beginning of the movie. Kirby dies almost instantaneously, but Justin escapes Spearfinger twice (shown). He survives, but not unscathed. With his now broken mind, he is in the woods trying to warn people to escape the woods.

Q: Who is taking Polaroids/ Who is at the tent at night yelling "Get Out of Here?"
A: Again, it's our unlikely hero, Justin. He's roaming the area, trying to warn people that Spearfinger is back and is on a killing spree. He strips people down and takes pictures of the dead, leaving Polaroids littered around the trail for outdoors-men to find. At night, he also runs up to tents and screams "Get Out" and takes off. He's nutty.

Q: What happened to Scott?
A: Scott was killed by Spearfinger off screen. We wanted it to be a small mystery on what happened to him, although if you pay attention hard enough, you can see that Luke and Travis react to something terrible in the two Polaroids they find on Vinnie's poorly made effigy of himself. We don't show who is in the Polaroids, but Travis says at the stair steps "I can't believe they got Scott," implying that one of those pictures was a very stripped down, very dead Scott.

Q: Who are in the two Polaroids that Luke and Travis find on Vinnie's effigy?
A: Two victims of Spearfinger. One is their friend Scott, the other is Luke's daughter, Jenny. She is seen in the beginning of the movie exploring the woods and taking pictures. When Travis is dying, he tells Robin, after accusing her of being a murderer, that they found the Polaroids of Jenny, cementing their belief that Robin and Vinnie were on a sick murder spree.

Q: Who kills Forest Ranger Billy?
A: Spearfinger. We put Scott cleaning his knife as a red herring at the end of that scene to screw with you. Got you!

Q: What is Scott reading at the campsite?
A: He is reading "Titus Andronicus". In a little bit of pretentious movie making assholery, we wanted there to be foreshadowing that all of the major characters are going to die. In that book too, many people are murdered by a knife, as well.

Q: Is Spearfinger a spirit? How can she physically kill people?
A: Well............. dammit, you caught us taking creative liberty. In the original Cherokee legend, Spearfinger is actually a rock-golem that can transform into loved ones in order to fool people so she can kill them without repercussion. The Cherokee eventually caught and killed Spearfinger. We took creative license that she is now dead, but also a recently awakened evil spirit that can manifest physically to kill for fun or out of habit.

Q: How many people did Spearfinger take the form of in The Hike?
A: Five.

1) She turned into Robin the most of all characters at three total instances. First, she tried to lead Vinnie off of a cliff face. Then she used Robin's voice to laugh in the cave and finally, she transformed into a very convincing Robin in the cave and seduced him. She did this to lead him to the cave exit. This also lends credence to the fact that Spearfinger was probably getting stronger. She looked more like Robin in the final impersonation, and acted more like a modern human woman seducing her plucky boyfriend than she did earlier, when she was more animalistic.

2) Vinnie twice (voice only). First she used his voice in the cave "I love to hear you laugh" (from dialogue that was cut from the movie). Then, she used his voice in the cave trying to scare Robin towards the cave exit.

3) Uncle Tony once. This one may be hard to pick up on, but it doesn't take much sleuthing to figure out that Tony was weird and had strong opinions about races mixing. He vanished into thin air and it became obvious he wasn't injured.

4) Devon (Billy's son) once. Used to beckon Forest Ranger Billy towards a tree she could easily knock down on him.

5) Travis. When Vinnie gets bonked on the head in the cave, she uses a burly man she has recently seen (she was spying on him in the woods earlier) to hit him with an axe handle. If this was the real Travis, Travis would have probably killed him in cold blood instead of knocking him out.

Q: Why didn't Spearfinger kill Robin and Vinnie in the cave?
A: That's a hard question, even for us, but we have an idea! Spearfinger may have wanted a smorgasbord buffet of human liver in one spot, hoping the four survivors would kill each other. There's no telling how strong Spearfinger is at this point, so maybe this was the best way for her to accomplish her goals: agitate the humans into killing each other so she doesn't have too. She's also evil, and maybe just wanted a show. She enjoys torturing her victims psychologically by playing games with them, too. Her evil plan worked, and she probably got a kick out of that... bully for that bitch.

Q: What's up with that necklace?
A: The girls in the movie love that damned necklace, and the men definitely do not. There's some feminine mojo in that thing for sure. Its very possible that Spearfinger's spirit is attached to it, perhaps even banished to it, and it just recently washed up on the creek bed after generations of being hidden underneath the water. It also seems like it hypnotizes Robin several times. Spearfinger could be making a connection to Robin, or even taking her strength. It seems to make her very angry and bark at Vinnie when he tries to take it off of her.

Q: What happens to Robin at the end?
A: Spearfinger's spirit wants a body of some sort, more than likely wants to eat, and it/she has been probably looking for a suitable host for almost three weeks at this point. Robin may be the closest thing to a full blooded Cherokee woman that Spearfinger has seen since her awakening. Spearfinger really wants to get in that Robin-skin... so when Robin dies, SF takes over her cadaver. Robin is now undead, and Spearfinger has been missing human livers... so voila: hot chick/ possessed/ human zombie cannibal action.

Q: What's on the camera that Robin and Vinnie find?
A: Something horrible, I'm sure... and its probably related to Luke's daughter, Jenny's horrifying death.

Q: Why is the dead bald dude wearing pink panties?
A: There was a lot cut out of the movie, and one silly trope was that all people who died after the opening credits were going to represent the seven deadly sins. After the "Robin/ Vinnie in a troubled relationship" storyline was trashed for the sake of time, the guys let the whole seven deadly sins idea go, but kept Jeremy in panties because HILARIOUS. The seven deadly sins were going to be represented by: Luke (Wrath), Travis (Sloth), Scott (Greed), Forest Ranger Billy (Gluttony), Bald Guy- Jeremy (Lust- hence the pink panties), Robin (Pride), Vinnie (Envy). The lines pertaining to Scott being in the woods hunting for Jenny's killer solely for money instead of friendship or justice were never shot. The Robin/ Vinnie nearing a break up storyline was scraped, but the deleted scenes included Vinnie not being able to get over Robin's friendship with an ex boyfriend/ baby daddy (Envy). This made Robin look down on Vinnie and start pulling away (Pride).

Q: These six movies are supposed to be fables, so what's the moral to this movie?
A: Lack of communication will kill you. In this day and age, we judge people based on what they look like or how they act or by what they say. It's dangerous. It's killing our country's spirit. With some plain talk, instead of jumping to conclusions based on prejudice, this misunderstanding between the strangers and Robin and Vinnie could have been put to bed without incident. Who knows? The bloodbath could have been avoided and Spearfinger could have grown weaker and eventually dissipated. But now, since wrath and violence was their answer, the ugliness between these hikers have re-energized this ancient evil, and it appears that this negative energy is gonna create some real havoc with many victims before its all over.