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Big N Funky Productions

The Hike - Critics Rave Trailer

Based on True Events

When a couple treks deep into the vast Great Smoky Mountains for a three day hike, they couldn't have imagined the evil that they would encounter.

This movie is based on actual hiking events that involved disturbing criminal evidence, harrowing strangers, unsolved mysteries and other-wordly phenomena. This is the first full length feature film by Big N Funky Productions' Big Luke Walker and Funkmaster V.

Robin Robin loves the outdoors. She would rather be in the wilderness hiking or camping than anywhere else. She takes her long time city loving boyfriend, Vinnie, to a spiritual place deep in the Cherokee forest that meant a lot to her and her Native Grandfather.
Vinnie Vinnie is from Baltimore, and he is more comfortable shooting pool, telling tale tales and eating street vendor food than he is traipsing around in the woods. He feels like he is losing Robin, and will do anything to keep her... including going on a three day hike.
The Strangers There is something a bit off about these three wandering around the woods. They appear to be armed to the teeth and tough as hell. One thing is for sure, they aren't out in the forest just to enjoy nature, they're looking for something. And when they find it, they will deal with it.

"The Hike" has currently won ten film festival awards and has been selected to 18 festivals.

Directed by
Luke Walker

Produced by
Vinnie Vineyard

Written by
Luke Walker, Vinnie Vineyard & Kandi Thompson

Kandi Thompson
Vinnie Vineyard
Luke Walker
Travis Graves
Scott Lane
Kirby Simon
Keith Gavins
Billy Parrott
Tony "Hack" Covington
Justin Thompson

Edited by
Vinnie Vineyard

"The Hike"

Distributed By
Chip Taylor Communications, LLC

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